Iwaji 2014

Iwaji na Aberdeen - 2nd August 2014


Ndigbo kwenu! Kwenu!! Kwezue nu ooo!!!

Let me first and foremost acknowledge the presence of God and all the dignitaries present here to celebrate with us on this day. It is with great sense of humility, honour and responsibility that I stand before you to deliver this goodwill message to the entire ndigbo n’Aberdeen, our friends and well-wishers on this momentous day marking the celebration of ICA’s 2014 New Yam Festival here in Aberdeen.

This historic event began in this side of the world in 2013 when we gathered together as one people and celebrated our first new yam festival. Our coming together on this day to celebrate this year’s Iri ji festival underscores the significance we attach to this event here in diaspora going forward. Please keep it up!

The new yam festival as you all know is synonymous with a new harvest year in accordance with our Igbo culture. It marks the season of harvest and launches the ‘eating’ of the new yam as harvested during any farming year. I therefore implore on our wives and sisters here in Aberdeen to begin the cooking of the new yam from today, having satisfied our ancestral norms and in furtherance to our firm belief in our cultural heritage.

ICA as an association has been remarkably active over the last two years of its formation. Our membership has grown from 13 people on the day we had our first meeting to over 170 registered members as at today.

Let me please use this opportunity to specially appreciate the founding fathers of this great association of ndigbo n’Aberdeen. ICA members have requested that I urge our brothers out there who are not yet registered members to please come forward and identify with us. We have over the years displayed uncommon oneness, unity and sincerity of purpose in line with our shared vision and objectives. We have so far embraced our challenges together at times of sorrow and rejoiced together as one people at times of joy and celebrations. I can only ask that you please keep it up.

To our friends and well-wishes we welcome you to this great day. Please have fun and enjoy the rest of the day.

To our brothers from Glasgow and beyond we welcome you too; we appreciate you as you’ve been a source of inspiration and reference point. Please enjoy yourselves and have fun.

On behalf of our EXCO and the entire members of ICA I want to appreciate the 2014 ICA Iwaji Planning Committee for putting together this wonderful event. Well done guys!

Long Live ICA, Long Live Ndigbo, Long Live Our Friends and Well-Wishers, Long Live Nigeria.

…and may God bless you all!

Donald Igwegbu

Donald Igwegbu (Odera)
BEng., MSc., CEng., CMarEng., FIMarEST.

ICA Chairman

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