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A Brief History of Igbo Community Aberdeen - Ka ICA Si Bido

By Dr. Divine Ikenwilo (a.k.a Okaa Obuluzo) on 29-JUL-2014

The idea of creating an organisation of Igbos in Aberdeen has been floating around Aberdeen since the turn of the century, especially during times of tragedy when our Igbo sons and daughters have had difficulty and needed help. However at 11:34 pm on Wednesday, March 14th 2012, I (Dr Divine Ikenwilo, a.k.a Okaa Obuluzo) sent out an e-mail and text messages to a number of Umuigbo in and around Aberdeen, stressing the need to form an Igbo association and inviting suggestions for a possible date for an inaugural meeting. Part of the e-mail and text message read:

I wonder what happened to our plans to form an Igbo Union? Do we have to wait for another tragedy before we start talking about it again? Let me know what your thoughts are, and please forward this e-mail to those I may have missed out.

The inaugural meeting was eventually scheduled for 1pm on Saturday, March 31st 2012. The exact details of the invitational e-mail sent to 25 Umuigbo were as follows:

I greet you, and hope you have had a restful weekend. Following a growing population of Igbos in and around Aberdeen, there have been increased calls to form an Igbo welfare and cultural union. Our brother, Chrys has taken the liberty to book a venue for a meeting at the church hall of St Francis of Asisi at Manofield (231 Deeside Gardens, AB15 7PR), on Saturday, March 31st, 2012, starting at 1:00pm and ending at 4:00pm (you'll probably not find anybody there if you arrive after 4pm).

If you have any strong reason(s) why this union should or not be set up, it will be great to see you on Saturday, March 31st. Please forward this e-mail to your Igbo contacts.

Finally, please note that this is entirely voluntary. Ya gazie.

Divine Ikenwilo a.k.a Okaa Obuluzo

St Francis of Asisi Catholic Chruch hall, which was kindly booked by Mazi Chrys Chikere (Akujimemena), was the venue for the inaugural meeting of what is today known as the Igbo Community Aberdeen (ICA). The founding members attending that meeting included 16 Umuigbo, including one female student and a 2 year old nwafo Igbo, the son of Chinwe Aloke. The following Umuigbo were in attendance on the day, and hence are the founding members of ICA:

  1. Donald Igwegbu (Odera): appointed as the founding/acting Chairman
  2. Mazi Chrys Chikere (Akujimemena): appointed as the founding/acting Secretary
  3. Dr Vincent Amu (Ochendo)
  4. Nonso Anyaegbunam (Akurienne)
  5. Charles O’Martin (Akunwata): constitution drafting committee
  6. Solomon Onu (Ezenagu)
  7. Chinwe Aloke
  8. Chinwe Aloke Jr (2 year old son of Chinwe Aloke)
  9. Chijioke Alaku
  10. Emmanuel Okoye (Omenife)
  11. Ifeanyi Olike (Okosisi): constitution drafting committee
  12. Dr Divine Ikenwilo (Okaa Obuluzo): constitution drafting committee
  13. Pascal Ejerenwa
  14. Princewill Anyika (Aka Onyewetalu)
  15. Amarachi Chigborogu
  16. Elvis Okoro

The tradition of bringing refreshments to meetings was started by Solomon Onu and Charles O’Martin, who supplied food and drinks for the inaugural meeting.

The acting secretary, Mazi Chrys Chikere set up a Yahoo e-group at 9:38 am on Monday, April 2, 2012 as a means of communication between Umuigbo and was the sole moderator of the group at the time.

Igbo Proverb

One should search for a black goat before nightfall.

Explanation: Do things at the right time.


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